Hubs: Utilize Hub Trees

At the bottom of this article you'll find hub tree examples for elementary, middle and high schools. Hub trees allow Administrators to group hubs within hubs. This allows organizations to:

  • Mimic their organizational structure
  • Communicate at multiple levels (i.e., school wide all the way to a classroom level)
  • Automatically add and remove people from hubs higher up the tree.

When you create a new hub, you'll see a drop down field to select a Parent Hub. The top-most hub in your organization will NOT have a parent and can be referred to as the Everyone Hub. Hubs underneath Everyone will specify the Everyone hub as its Parent Hub. Each hub can also have sub-hubs if you create more hubs that name it as its parent.

NOTE: Only Site Administrators will see this Parent Hub field.


When you specify a Parent Hub, the main thing that occurs is that all people/members in a given hub are automatically added to its Parent Hub. In that way, you can place one person at the lowest level hub and they'll automatically be added (with an indirect affiliation) to its Parent Hub, on up the line to the Everyone hub.

Here's an example of an elementary school that uses Hub Trees. The Everyone Hub has simply been renamed to the school name. Then they have a hub for each grade level in the school and the classroom hubs are underneath the appropriate grade-level hubs.


This means that people can be added to their teacher's classroom hub and they'll automatically be added to the grade-level hub and the school-wide hub.

This also means the school can easily communicate with all staff and parents by creating an Announcement (for example) in the school-wide hub or even just communicate, let's say, with all the staff and parents for 2nd grade classrooms.

Parent Hubs are said to have Child Hubs and the people that are members in a Child Hub are said to have an indirect affiliation with its Parent Hub(s). An asterisk (*) is shown to indicate an indirect affiliation with a hub, but only Site Admins will see asterisks where applicable. By default, the top-most hub is called the Everyone hub.

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