Embed Images into Messages and Whiteboards

Images are an important part of Messages you send and Whiteboards you create. In order to add images in these two features, you need to follow these steps: 

1. To insert an image into a message or whiteboard, the image has to be hosted somewhere in MemberHub. An easy way to make sure it is hosted is to add it as an image to MemberHub under Files or Photos section. Once it's loaded there you can use the Copy Link feature to get the full path to the image.

You could create a photo album just for images to use in your messages. Then when you click on a photo you'll get the popup and you can use the Copy Link to grab the URL to the image.

Also, see the Copy Link in the Files section after you've uploaded an image:

 2. In the New Message page, on the format bar, go to Insert -> Insert image.

3. Insert the link/source url for the image and any additional description.

Note: any image that is saved on your computer will NOT work since it is not hosted anywhere on the web.

In the Source box, input the link/image url. Simply paste the url that copied from the Files or Photos section into the Source box. You do not really need to fill out the rest of the info fields. By default, the dimensions on the image will be the original ones. The Constrain proportions check box will also be checked by default.

4. Click OK and the image will now be displayed in the text box. You can format it to the proportions of your choosing.


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    Eric Olson

    This explains it. Thank you. I don't understand why a picture or document needs to be hosted somewhere but now I know how to insert one into a Memberhub email.

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